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TiVo To Release Web-Capable Box

TiVo is set to release its next generation of set-top boxes and it will now include web search results along with the normal television listings.  The new feature to the interface will allow subscribers to locate programs on websites such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon, as well as Netflix and Wible.  The results would be displayed with broadcast, cable TV and pay-per-view listings.

Intertwining the internet and television is nothing new.  Many of the new televisions have internet hookups where you can get basic information about things on your screen.  This is important for TiVo just to keep up with the ever-expanding times.  Other big news is expected out of TiVo’s news conference which is scheduled for tomorrow, March 2.

Another feature that is speculated to break is that TiVo’s new DVR will be able to record more shows simultaneously.  One tuner wasn’t enough at first, and now it two isn’t enough either.  That would be crazy but would also just pad the stats of station ratings.  Soon, it might come to the point of providers just posting the websites on certain days and allowing viewers to watch it whenever they want after downloading.  But that’s really extreme and far-fetched.  Expect this first generation of new boxes to be outrageously high, some are even projecting around $500.  It might be wise to wait a year for the price drop and perhaps a better version to come out after the patches.  I’m not sure if I would shell half a grand for a set-top box.  And if I did, it better be damn good.

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