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Tivo HD DVR Review


The time has come when just having a Tivo or DVR is not enough. Now, consumers are flocking to purchase the Tivo HD DVR. The HD DVR offers more features than a regular Tivo or DVR does, including the ability to record in high definition. While keeping the standard features of a Tivo, it also expands on those features creating a more comprehensive product.

Pre-Approve Shows and Channels for Kids

The Tivo HD DVR has incorporated KidZone. With KidZone, parents can block channels and shows so their children cannot watch them. Parents can block certain shows on the channel or the entire channel. It allows parents to be more at ease with their children and the television.

Bigger Hard Drive Means More Shows

With the Tivo HD DVR, users can record and store up to 20 hours of high definition TV. If that does not sound like much to you, consider how much standard definition television the HD DVR can hold. In a standard definition format, your Tivo will be able to store up to 180 hours of television. You will be able to hold onto all of your movies and play them right there on your Tivo.

DVR Expander

What if you want to be able to store even more shows and movies in high definition? You can, with the DVR Expander. The expander is a little box that you can purchase in addition to your Tivo HD DVR. With the expander, you can store an additional 65 hours of high definition television or 600 hours of standard definition television. The DVR Expander is incredibly easy to hook up, and is another benefit of buying a Tivo HD DVR.


Are you sick of having so many receivers next to your television? Does your living room look more like an electronics store than a living space? If that is the case, it is time to get the Tivo HD DVR and a CableCard to go along with it. What will a CableCard do? It will allow you to get rid of your cable box. By inserting the CableCard into your Tivo HD DVR, your Tivo will be able to act as both your DVR and cable box. Imagine the space you will save.

Improved Searching Capabilities

Is there an actor or director that you love, and you want to be able to watch everything they are in? Type their name into the search function. The Tivo HD DVR will then bring up all of the available shows or movies they are in. Record them and watch them later. The increased search options give you more control over your programming than ever.

Everything You Love about Tivo Service
The Tivo HD DVR also incorporates everything that you love in the Tivo service. You can still record two shows at once. You can pause and rewind live television shows. You can do everything you have been able to do with your Tivo in the past, and then some.

Upgrade to the Tivo HD DVR and improve the quality of entertainment in your house. Users have been pleased with the service. They love recording shows in high definition and taking advantage of the added features of the Tivo HD DVR.

Get the new TiVo HD DVR now for just $299.99 plus service!

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