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Can I Use My DirecTV HD DVR With My Tivo Remote?

Dealing with several different remotes can be more than just a little bit aggravating. Often times you will find yourself with two or three that no longer have an obvious use including one from a VCR you owned in 1989, which you sold to your aunt last May (may she rest in peace).

One question that some have asked is whether it is possible to use a Tivo remote with a DirecTV HD DVR. The answer depends on the shape of your Tivo remote as to how easy it can be to do so.

The interesting thing is that DirecTV/DirecTivo use a remote control with a peanut shape. These remotes are interchangeable. If your Tivo remote is shaped like a peanut as well then you will find programming it for your DirecTV HD DVR will be quite easy. There are only a few steps in setting it up and you will be ready to go.

The first step is to turn on your television. Now take your Tivo remote and set the mode to TV. Now, press the Select and Mute buttons at the same time and hold them until you see the small green light at the top of the remote blinks twice.

In your Tivo remote manual there should be television codes for all the different models. Find your television code here, check online, or call customer service to get the code you need. There is a code that may work if others are unsuccessful. Try using 9911. However, keep in mind  that it may not work for very old or very new models.

After entering the code press Channel Up and release. Keep slowly pressing the button until your television shuts off. Once it does press the Select button. Now, turn your television back on and do the previous steps again this time pressing DTV rather than TV. This will allow you to control your DirecTV system as well. You should now be ready to use the Tivo remote for your DirecTV and TV as well.

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